SMANA National, SMACNA Colorado, and the Specialty Contractors Institute regularly provide Education Opportunities for Contractors, their Management and Supervisory Staff, and their Journeyworkers and Apprentices. Normally, these Education Opportunities are provided in-person, however, during this unprecedented time, some of these opportunities are being converted to remote online webinars. Check out the upcoming opportunities and click the links to learn more.

Leadership Access Institute

Session 1 – August 18 & 19

How many times have poor communication and interpersonal skills damaged your organization in terms of lost work, impaired relationships and lack of coordination of internal processes? This training program delivers key concepts and techniques that can be immediately applied to maximize your skills and help you maintain a competitive advantage. We’ll help you identify your communication and working styles. Your ability to listen and comprehend the intention or message behind the words used by others will be improved. You will be able to identify ways to talk with groups in a manner that relates to them and their particular style.

Key Topics Include:

  • Methods of communication
  • Communication style and pitfalls
  • Achieving effective communication
  • Effective listening techniques
  • How to deal with difficult situations
  • Communication Theory
  • Attribution Error, Ego and Face Theory, Climate Theory
  • Influence and Influence Tactics

This workshop is organized around seven principles which have been
identified to separate the best from the good in dealing with difficult or
risky conversations. Those who master critical conversations learn to first
recognize the potential dangers, and then apply a variety of skills that help
people stay in honest, candid dialogue – even when opinions vary and risks
are high. This workshop has also been shown to increase respect among
coworkers, supervisors and employees and helps participants create a safe
environment for sharing facts, ideas, feelings, and theories candidly and
honestly. Are you looking to create productive and dynamic team players?
Critical conversations are a way to do just that! Staying ahead of possible
conflicts and intervening when issues do arise are what critical conversations
are all about. They are the best way to keep those you work with motivated
and ensure productive teamwork.


October 18 – October 20

October 18-20, 2020
San Diego, CA

Registration Opens Soon! 

Planning Your Exit and Business Valuation will focus on planned exit options and help business owners develop a personalized exit plan.

This intensive two-day program will cover:

  • owner readiness
  • business readiness
  • market readiness
  • exit options
  • the sales process
  • legal and tax consequences

Participants will learn what choices are available to them and the realistic expectations and consequences of transferring ownership of your business. Additionally, all participants will develop their own personal action plans that can be fully tracked and monitored.

Learn the three keys to a planned exit:

  1.  Owner Readiness Process – personal financial plan, lifestyle plan, and emotional preparedness
  2. Business Readiness Process – review, assess and evaluate: sales, marketing, operations, org chart, financials and withdrawal liability
  3. Market Readiness – valuation, financing, deal structure, and buyer types (financial vs. strategic)

Selecting a planned exit option:

  • Voluntary – family transition, ESOP, 3rd party sale, dissolution
  • Involuntary – death, divorce, departure, disability

Designing your planned exit:

  • Align with your original objective – still on track?
  • Decide your best option – how to best prepare the business
  • Consider the deal structure

Participants will learn about:

  •  Options available
  • Where to start
  • Additional resources available

Monday evening will include a panel discussion with five SMACNA contractors that have already exited their businesses and are ready to serve as mentors for participants.  The panel discussion will focus on successes, failures, best practices, and lessons learned during their exiting process.

All participants have the option to request a personalized, one-on-one appointment with program speakers John Ovrom or Lamar Rutherford to discuss their own exit plan. Alternatively, participants have the option to schedule a conference call with either speaker.

Program Takeaways

  1. Education: learn why planning for an ownership transfer and a correct valuation of your business is crucial.
  2. Action Items: necessary steps to create a planned exit.
  3. Tools: how to accomplish your task lists in the plan.
  4. Resources: who you should call on for assistance during your planned exit process.
  5. Confidence: Learn from colleagues that have already gone through this process of how and when to start planning your exit.

Who Should Attend
Current business owners who are within five years (preferably) of a planned exit or retirement. Enrollment in this program will be limited to 30 participants with a maximum of three from one company.